about the restaurant

Fernanda Duarte

MIMO is the result of a project developed by Fernanda Duarte, a young entrepreneur who after working over 10 years as a lawyer and business manager, decided to study hospitality and run her own business.

After years of local research and one season in the United States, between New York and Chicago, she opened the restaurant in 2013, January 14, in a house at the neighborhood of Jardim Paulista. The restaurant sits in the quiet Caconde Street and holds a clean and modern environment.

The menu, lean and mediterrarean, focuses the quality of the ingredients and pursues some details which can make difference in customer satisfaction. You are able to find traditional dishes in a contemporary approach, confort food, and also signatures dishes.

On Mondays to Fridays lunch, MIMO offers a three course prix-fix menu: quality and well-served food at godd price.

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