the chef of cuisine

Volney Miguel Ferreira, after graduating in Law School, decided to follow his natural talent and applied to Basic Cuisine Course at Wilma Kovesi School, in São Paulo. Then, assured he was at the right path he wanted to improve his professional passion by shipping to Italy to study at ICFI - Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners. He perfected his studies working in several reputed cuisines in Italy and Spain.

In his ten years in Europe, he worked in the three stars “Ristorante Le Calandre”, and also in the starred restaurants as “Ristorante Scrigno Del Duomo” and “Il San Pietro di Positano”, all of them in Italy. Hungry for new experience he also worked in Spain in the three stars restaurant Martin Berasategui.

When moving back to Brazil, he worked as consultant and gastronomy teacher, before joining the MIMO project.